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Ep. #6 | How to be a Good Karen with JimBob
Episode 65th December 2022 • The Marc Clair Show • Marc Clair
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In episode 6 of The Marc Clair Show, Marc is joined by cartoonist, meme creator and YouTuber JimBob! JimBob breaks down his own religious journey including his stint through his degenerate days in Los Angeles before reexamining his beliefs and finding himself returning to Christianity as his worldview. JimBob gets into how to be a "good Karen" in one's community, and why the libertarian philosophy is lacking when it comes to an overarching moral ethic.

Premium subscribers also get access to the the smoke-filled room segment, JimBob and Marc dig more into his thoughts on the moon landing and NASA, the dark origins of the space program through the merger of science fiction and black magic, and his thoughts on how characters like Elon Musk and Donald Trump operate in today's political-entertainment paradigm. Subscribe on one of the following platforms so you don't miss out!




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