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Informal Investigation - Asher EPISODE 7, 14th January 2021
Investigation into Mansplaining
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Investigation into Mansplaining

Investigation into Mansplaining 

  1. Introduce Summar
  2. Audience recommendation 
  3. How did mansplaining find us?
  4. What is mansplaining?
  5. Summar's definition?
  6. Some “formal” definitions
  7. Asher’s definition 
  8. Is mansplaining real? 
  9. What is an example?
  10. Where is the line between sharing and mansplaining?
  11. Can you be mansplaining in a debate setting?
  12. Summar’s experiences?
  13. Why do men mansplain?
  14. Do you think men get under explained?
  15. Do you think annoying talkers think of women as easy victims? 
  16. How do you think you should respond if someone is explaining things in a condescending way?
  17. Can a man mansplain to a man? Can a woman mansplain?
  18. Is the term mansplaining sexist in it of itself? 
  19. To use the word mansplain or to not use the word mansplain?

Notable books:

Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit

Audience recommendation:


Another podcast on mansplaining - Living experiment - Mansplaining - This is a different podcast with a different but interesting view on the word.