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How Watching A Live Performance Can Help You Achieve Your Heart's Desire
Episode 21019th November 2019 • The DancePreneuring Studio • Annett Bone: Creative Strategist
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I have attended many live performances in the last few years thanks to podcasting. Not only am I entertained and moved, but I glean many lessons that apply to dance, life and business. The following thoughts are a summary of my experiences at various productions from the last few months. With all of the fantastic and not so fantastic experiences that have gone in my life these past months, I didn\'t realize how much time had passed with some of these experiences. Nonetheless, these 16 perspectives from watching a live performance can help you achieve your heart\'s desire. : )

  1. Once you\'ve made a decision, act quickly.
  2. Are you tribute worthy? Did you make your day tribute worthy? How could you end the day excellently?
  3. Let your work speak for itself. How does it make you feel? To know in your heart that you will do what you say you\'re going to do to the best of your ability does amazing things for your self-confidence.
  4. What is your preparation time like? Not always about quantity but also quality.
  5. Can you highlight someone else in your work besides yourself? Do you have a generous spirit? Being a generous person is more than just about money. Everybody can make someone else feel better. It isn\'t always about what you say but how you make them feel.
  6. Create a life that is important to you.
  7. Always be looking to add value. Can you implement the extra mile principal; How can I make it just a little bit better?
  8. Sometimes you don\'t need to know all the behind the scenes. If you aren\'t directly involved, why do you need to focus on the negative?
  9. Write things down while they are fresh in your memory. The faintest ink is better than the best memory.
  10. Little things matter. You can focus on a few things and put quality into them for things to stand out. And it doesn\'t always require a huge monetary expense.
  11. Sometimes it takes more than once to appreciate something.
  12. Kindness always goes a long way.
  13. Don\'t be afraid of showing things in progress. Some people want things to be \"perfect\" before they launch or release.
  14. Sometimes it\'s more important to have connection over content. Find your authentic tribe. Not everyone is going to vibe with your work.
  15. Be aware of overwhelm. Strive for simplicity.
  16. The energy you bring into a collaboration can make or break it. It\'s not so much whether things are positive or negative. although that is one component of it as opposed to are the energies complementary or life giving--Does the collaboration help you move forward to the end result?

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