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Episode #267: Edwin Kwan: Okta Suffered Data Breach Impacting Their Employees; Ian Garrett: Rising ransomware attacks drive zero trust adoption; Olimpiu Pop: BigCode A Project With a Mission: Build State Of The Art LLM Coding Models That Are Open
Episode 2677th November 2023 • It's 5:05! Daily cybersecurity and open source briefing • Contributors from Around the World
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The stories we’re covering today.

Edwin Kwan: Okta has suffered yet another data breach, this one affecting their employees' personal information.

Ian Garrett: How has ransomware impacted zero-trust adoption? With the rising threat of ransomware attacks, organizations have turned to the adoption of zero-trust and network segmentation strategies to counter these threats

Olimpiu Pop: Even though there was always the choice, open-source versus closed-source, now, again, the world is at a turning point. Will you embrace open or closed?