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Chapter 143. What rhymes with Cowell.
Episode 14330th January 2023 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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A chance exchange in this weeks TCD (sorry Lucy) resulted not only in an episode title, but also a little digital stroll where I chanced upon a whole new internet experience.

The website in question is called RhymeZone and it is quite simply inspired. You merely tap in your chosen word, in this case Cowell, and before you can say "high waistline" you get the following response;

  • Words that rhyme with cowell: (13 results)
  • 2 syllables:
  • bowell, dowell, gowell, mowell, prowell, showell, sowell, stowell, towell, trowell, vowell, yowell
  • 4 syllables:
  • baden-powell

Man that's cool - even though you'd only use most of those words in Scrabble, and it forgot owl (and most notably, FOUL)

But that's not all. It even provides 'close but no Oscar' options called Near Rhymes and grades them according to how close they are. So for example 'shotwell' achieves a 92 near-rhyme-rating, but 'bombshell' only gets a meagre 84. If you're not impressed, imagine what A.I. algorithms are gonna do to your LIFE...

Hmm... now what rhymes with Heidi Klum?..


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