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105. What It Looks Like to be The Queen of Your Life with Gina DeVee
Episode 10513th July 2020 • the bossbabe podcast • bossbabe
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We’re joined by Gina DeVee, founder of Divine Living, a multimillion-dollar lifestyle brand, and author of manifestation manual, The Audacity to Be Queen. After moving from Michigan to California, Gina was a struggling psychotherapist who was qualified to help others but wasn’t making any money from doing so. Sick and tired of being broke, Gina began to rewrite her money story and overcome her blocks. 

Like a true Queen, Gina’s mission is to empower women by helping them discover their purpose through reclaiming their feminine power and stepping into their ‘Queenhood’. If you struggle with self-doubt and believing in yourself, then this episode is for you!

Ready to transform your life and business? Tune in because we’re diving deep into how to manifest your wildest dreams and fulfill your purpose. 

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