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Ep 118 - Building a Million Dollar Micro Business w: Tina Tower
9th September 2021 • Unleashing Brilliance • Janine Garner
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Tina Tower is an award-winning, serial entrepreneur who has founded and sold several businesses and franchises.  Tina started her first business at the age of 20, that went from being a small suburban tutoring centre and educational toy store, to a licence program and then a franchise. After 5 years of franchising Tina opened 35 Begin Bright centres with 120 staff. After Begin Bright was acquired by an International education company in 2016, she started business coaching other people to scale their serviced based business. Tina found herself repeating a lot of the same fundamentals again and again to people who were paying top dollar for private coaching. So, she put the repetitive content into an online course. It went off! To put location freedom to the test, Tina set off to travel the world for a year with her husband and two children, visited 28 countries - all while growing the online business in a couple of hours a day. Tina has helped hundreds of people package their expertise into an online course and launch it to the world. Her advice: -Own your spotlight – drop that façade and be who you are -Own your expertise – identify what it is that you are known for -Own every action and treat everything as a curious experiment -Own the simplicity – design a simple, easy and frictionless business that is scalable. Tina is the author of two books, One Life - How To Have The Life of Your Dreams and Million Dollar Micro Business and she is on a mission to help 100 women build a $1 million business by 2025. Enjoy




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