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Compelling Paranormal with Soul Sisters Paranormal & Dr. Kristy Sumner
Episode 5130th September 2021 • PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE • Kelly Mitchell
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S1: E51: Compelling Paranormal with Soul Sisters Paranormal & Dr. Kristy Sumner


Dr. Kristy Sumner joins the show and discusses paranormal investigation with Soul Sisters Paranormal, quantifying the unexplainable, bad boys like good soap operas, experiences that she has had, respecting history, making connections, and a possible Vegas sleepover - wait, what?

Special Guest

Dr. Kristy Sumner - Accomplished paranormal investigator with Soul Sisters Paranormal.

Time Stamps


[02:56-Meet Dr. Kristy Sumner]

[36:00 - Outro]

Key Takeaways

*How does one become a paranormal investigator

*Popping the paranormal cherry on a big boy - Bravo

*Wait, what? - Paranormal conventions exist?

*Conjuring home is up for sale, any bidders?

*Feeling crazy? Get validated

*If you're an asshole in life, you're an asshole in death

*People want to be heard

*Paranormal is connected to a place of life, not a burial place (place of death)

*Fight or flight cuz it's creepy AF, Soul Sisters stay strong

*Forming relationships with history is sexy

*Bad guys like good soap operas

*Demonology - just wow! Lady wood

*How do you quantify the unexplainable

*Ghostbusters lied to me

*My vote is for a Vegas sleepover

*Have the right intentions, respect your history and the people in it

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