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Getting Your Kids To Talk To You with Jackie Bailey
Episode 11519th January 2023 • The Blissful Parenting Podcast • The Blissful Parent
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A lot of kids felt like they were being silenced and they’re unheard - making them feel unimportant. These are just some of the reasons why parents are struggling about getting their kids to talk to them. We want to feel connected to them. We want to know what’s happening to them. So, how can we connect to our kids and get them to talk to us? 

Our guest, Jackie Bailey founded The Speak Lead Project to help children, youth and adults to Speak with power, Feed others in word and deed, and Lead with positivity. Together with Michelle, Jackie emphasizes the importance of listening to our kids, giving them the time to talk and express themselves. She also gives us some tips on how we can prove to our kids that they’re important and we want to hear them. Let’s start communicating with our kids in a much better way. 

“That's really counterproductive when we don't give kids the chance to talk about what really matters to them…They do have important things they want to talk about, and their opinions matter just as much as ours do, probably even more in some cases…They have their own experiences to share, and we need to listen to them.” - Jackie Bailey

About the Guest:

Jackie is the author of SELF-Centered Leadership: Becoming Influential, Intentional, and Exceptional published in 2014, and a 2015 semi-finalist in The World Championship of Public Speaking – placing her in the top 98 speakers of 33,000 competitors.

Today, Jackie runs The Speak Feed Lead Public Speaking Studio in Redmond, Washington USA; and is the founder and executive director of The Speak Feed Lead Project, a nonprofit with a mission to empower children, teens, and adults with public speaking skills.


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