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NiNo Alicea: Raising Climate Consciousness Through Art
Episode 1941st November 2022 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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Art has the power to make people think twice, change their perspectives, and heighten their consciousness around important issues. For Puerto Rican artist NiNo Alicea, the destruction caused by climate change is the most pressing issue of our time. In today’s podcast episode, NiNo chats with host Scott “Sourdough” Power about his mission to raise climate awareness through art.

“A lot of my art has become a vessel to create more climate change awareness,” says NiNo, who was deeply affected by Hurricane Maria, the near-Category 5 storm that roared across his home island of Puerto Rico in 2017. During this episode, NiNo explains how the natural disaster moved him to focus on art with a message about climate change.

Crafted from pizza pans and recycled metal, NiNo’s solar-powered installation for this year’s Burning Man (2022) was created in honor of Atabey, the Caribbean goddess of fresh water and fertility. In this week’s episode, you’ll hear about the challenges NiNo faced bringing this spectacular creation to life. “I’m the first Puerto Rican that has ever brought art to the Playa,” he tells NOT REAL ART. “I’m trying to inspire others; I don’t want to be the only one.”

Tune into our chat with the one and only NiNo, who shares his hopes and dreams for our future on planet Earth. 

In Today’s Episode

Nino Alicea discusses…

  • The environmental and humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico
  • How Hurricane Maria inspired him to change to focus of his work
  • The experience of creating “Atabey’s Treasure,” his 2022 Burning Man installation
  • How he designed the 18-foot sculpture from recycled materials
  • His future plans for “Atabey’s Treasure”
  • How he became the lead production designer for Ricky Martin
  • His upcoming tour with Ricky Martin and what the future holds for the coming year

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