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Hope For The Prodigals - The Story of a Rebellious "PK" Arrested By God (Guest: Noah Owensby)
Episode 3624th May 2022 • The Big Picture with Larry Ragland • Larry Ragland
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Ministry is a tough life. It is especially tough on the minister's family. It is even more of a struggle for the children.

Noah Owensby is the son of a very well-known Evangelist and Pastor. Like most "PKs," his life was in a fishbowl. Everyone watched him and expected him to be perfect. But, what they didn't realize was those unfair expectations of him just drove him to live a life opposite of what his parents had hoped and prayed for him.

Noah's story is a story of drugs, alcohol, and running from God with all his might. But, it wouldn't be a church service or a sermon that would arrest him in the spirit and bring him back. It would be a bonafide miracle that is absolutely incredible.

This podcast will give you hope... that no matter where your loved one is in their spiritual journey...there is always hope. Noah's story will encourage you to stay strong and never give up believing that God is about to change the situation in a way that far exceeds what you were even praying for.

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