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2 Minute Tuesdays - 2 Quotes in 2 Minutes - James Clear & Devin McDermott
21st July 2020 • Time Vision Action Zone • Michael Garcia
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2 Minute Tuesdays Are Designed To Provide You With Two Quotes To Help You Own Your Time, Develop Your Vision, & Take Action.

The first quote is by James Clear -@JamesClear

“Most people need consistency more than they need intensity. Intensity makes a good story. Consistency makes progress.”

The second quote is by Devin McDermott - @DevinMcDermot

You'll never earn a more higher return on your investment than when you invest in yourself.

Today's quotes combined remind me to consistently take time to invest in myself. To consistently focus on the things that allow me to be the best version of myself each and every day. Spurts are great, but consistency always wins.

As always, own your time, develop your vision, and take action! Have a great one!

July 21, 2020

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