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Your Social Media Questions Answered
Episode 7421st July 2019 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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  • Blogs are one of the easiest ways to create content and one of the best ways to get started when it comes to content creation.
  • If you’re looking for inspiration, you can use a site called This site allows you to search for a keyword, giving you examples of other relevant topics that people have searched.
  • Using Answer The Public and your own content ideas, you need to build a list of all the posts you want to write. The more detail you include, the better.
  • Batching your content is key.
  • When it comes to being scared about producing video content, you need to remember that your video is going to be adding value to someone’s life. If you don’t create your video, you won’t be adding that value.
  • If you’re worried about nerves, run a practice private live. Whether it’s in a group or to a specific person, you may feel better after a practice run. Honesty is key, so tell people it’s the first time you’re going live.
  • If you’re creating a video for social media, you need to upload it to every platform you’re on natively, as this will maximise your views.
  • When sharing a video in your email, set up a landing page for you video and send your subscribers there. This will allow you to include a call to action.
  • If you want to ensure you’re consistent with your social media channels, make the most of social media scheduling tools. For those that need help when it comes to motivation, appreciating and celebrating the little wins can really help.
  • If you want Insta Story success, ensuring you’re consistent is important.
  • Another great way to ensure you’re successful on Instagram Stories is to find a way to get people into your DM’s. Whether it’s using the question feature, putting up a poll or getting people to take part in a quiz – the more people message you, the better.
It doesn’t matter if you feel fear, absolutely everyone does. It’s natural to feel nervous about putting yourself out there.
  • Question #1 – Have You Got Any Tips for Starting A Blog? - 06:20
  • Question #2 – How Do I Get Over the Fear of Making My First Social Media Video? - 09:32
  • Question #3 – How Do I Use Social Media to Differentiate My Service in A Crowded Market? - 14:15
  • Question #4 – If I’m Sharing A Video in My Email, What Link Should I Send People To? - 17:51
  • Question #5 – How Do I Keep Motivated and Consistent with My Social Media Posts? 20:49
  • Question #6 – You’re Always So Well Dressed, Where Do You Get Your Clothes From? 22:58
  • Question #7 – What Are Your Top Insta Story Tips and Tricks? 24:29
  • Question #8 – How Do I Keep Up to Date with All the Changes in Social Media? 26:25
  • Question #9 – How Do You Juggle Your Work Life with Children and Travelling? 27:50
  • My Academy
  • Answer The Public
  • Hubspot
  • Buffer Blog
Transcript below


Speaker 1: (00:33)

Hello and a really warm welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. How are you? Okay confession time straight away! It's the Thursday before this podcast comes out on the Monday and I'm only just recording it. You know what happens. Sometimes I get so good at batching content so far in advance and then what happens is it's like, I rest on it and I think I've got loads of content. It's absolutely fine. And then I start running out of time. And also as you'll know, cause I've talked about it on the podcast, I have been going through a launch. I've been doing masterclasses, which actually I'm doing today on the day I'm recording this and I'm launching my academy. I'm setting that up. So I have been so busy that I feel awful that I'm recording this so late. Also, I feel so bad for my team who are now going to rush to get it edited and rush to get the show notes written and then get all of the social media posts ready.

Speaker 1: (01:34)

So to Phil, to Kirsty and Sofia, I apologise profusely that I am putting you under this extra stress. I promise you this is a hiccup because we've been so busy setting up the academy. So today I've launched it, which is crazy amazing. Honestly, I've done two masterclasses so far. I've got another one at 9:00 PM. They've been amazing. I've had such awesome feedback. I love teaching. Hopefully you can tell that from the podcast. You can tell that I like talking about what I talk about and that I'm passionate about it and I end up kind of just overdelivering all the time because I want to give a really, really good value. So I've loved doing the masterclasses. I've had some great feedback. I've had people join the academy. Woo, which is amazing! And I'm gonna urge you to go and check it out because honestly I have put it up for a price that is the craziest good value.

Speaker 1: (02:33)

So basically the academy is open from now until Friday the 26th, let me double check that date. Hang on, two seconds. I know I should have had that in my head because I knew I was gonna talk about it. It is Friday, the 26th. Okay, so the academy is open until Friday, the 26th of July and then I'm closing the cart. The reason I'm doing that is because it's new and I want to go in there and love the people that are in there. I want to give them my attention. I want to make sure everything's working. I want to get some more content in there. And I want to really focus on making sure that it's amazing for when we open again and it's already amazing as it is, but even more amazing. And then we'll open again. But because this is brand new and I am having founding members, i.e. if you join the academy you're going to be the first people in there, then you're getting it at a crazy good price. So it's currently up for $29 a month, which seriously is so, so good value. You're going to be getting monthly courses all around digital marketing and social media. There's already at least four courses in that with another two coming in the next day or two. By the time you guys listen to this, um, you are also going to be getting a coaching call every single month where you can get on a zoom call with me and I'm going to be picking people to do hot seats. Or you can apply for a hot seat but we can talk specifically about your business and your problems and your issues and things that you need help with. We're also going to do Facebook Lives in a private Facebook group, just for course member.. Just for the academy members.

Speaker 1: (04:08)

So again, that's going to be great. You're gonna be able to ask me questions. I'm going to be able to do additional training and teaching. The other thing that you're going to be able to do is we're going to have a social media updates all the time, so as things change and happen, you're going to hear about it so you don't need to worry about what's working because we're going to be telling you. We have a resources centre, so in the resources centre, I'm going to put all the stuff I use. So you're going to know, if you want an email system, if you want a landing page system, all the stuff I use in there, and obviously you've got the private Facebook group, so honestly, please go and check it out. I'm going to link up to it in the show notes, but if you go to Man, it's a hard word to spell. Honestly, I get it wrong every single time, but it's a-c-a-d-e-m-y. So, go check it out. Like I said, you've got till Friday the 26th to get in there and then I'm closing it. I don't have a date for reopening it yet. We're just going to see how we'd get on once I'm in there. But I would love you to come and join me in there with the others. It's going to be awesome.


Anyway, sales pitch over with on to today's episode! Made today's episodes a little bit different, but it actually goes in really good with the fact that I've just talked about the academy because a few weeks ago I put on social media. Would you like to ask me a question and I will answer it on the podcast and this is what today's episode's about.

Speaker 1: (05:37)

So very specific questions. We've got some great questions. I've obviously had to look at them all. Um, I haven't prepped on the answers so I'm just going to literally do it off the cuff. But I've obviously seen all the questions and I'm going to read out some questions and I'm just going to answer them and hopefully you can get some great content from it and some ideas for your business. And this is kind of what I loved most. So the one of the reasons I wanted the academy and to do the coaching calls and the live Facebook stuff, and the private Facebook group is because I love it when you tell me about your business and I get to think hard about what is it that I would recommend you do or what direction or how or what tool. That's the stuff that I love. So this episode for me is going to be so cool. I love it.


Question #1 – Have You Got Any Tips for Starting A Blog?



Okay, let's get on first question. This is from Sarah from Crazy Media. She asked, have you got any tips, hints or advice on starting a blog? Absolutely! Okay. So blogs are one of the easiest ways to get content out there because there's no production as such. It's not like you've got to do production on the podcast and move to iTunes or the same with creating a video. So blogs are a great way for getting started in terms of getting content out there. So the first thing that I would do is think about what is it you're actually going to talk about. So one of the websites that I recommend a lot is It's a great website where you can put in your keywords and it will basically throw back everything that people are asking on the Internet.

Speaker 1: (07:09)

So what often happens is you think to yourself that you've got to send out content that's really high level, but actually the stuff that people are asking for is really simple. So obviously I'm guessing with Crazy Media, we're talking sort of social media or marketing. And honestly people don't want to know necessarily like amazing strategy stuff. They want the small and simple and easy. So that's the first thing I would do. I would go and see what content there is or I would go and see what suggested things you can do for content. I would then try and write as many titles for blog posts as possible. Man, this is the way that I like to work. So this might not work for you, but when I start to actually write my blog, not that I do them very often obviously because I have the podcast, I try and almost fill in.

Speaker 1: (07:56)

So if I've got four or five title suggestions, I will work on all of them at once. This sounds really odd, but basically I will have an idea of what I want to cover in each and I will make notes under each title. So for instance, if I want to write something to do something to do with Insta Stories, so it might be a total of five tools to create engaging stories and then for instance, I'll be writing down what are those five tools I'm going to talk about. Then I'll talk about the intro and write down some notes about that and then I'll do something to do with the end of it and write some notes about that. And then once I've got those sort of, I've got my head around those points, then I would probably go away and write the full proper blog post. But you might want to do some research while you're doing those bits as well. So for me, that's how I do it.


The second thing I do is always have a group of blog posts to start with and also have so many written in advance. There's me talking about batching content and I'm literally recording this about four days before it goes live. Uh, take my own advice again anyway, I would do that, especially if you're starting, if you can get some in the bag. Great. I would also decide on how frequent you want to do it. Personally, obviously my content's weekly, if you can, that would be amazing if you can't, twice a month or monthly. But again, I would at least try and have, you know, if it's twice a month, I would probably try and have at least six blogs written and I would start with two or three. So when you announce that you're doing a blog, you've got someone that already to look at. So I'm hoping that helps. Thank you so much for your question, Sarah.


Question #2 – How Do I Get Over the Fear of Making My First Social Media Video?



Okay, question number two is Magdalena. She's a virtual assistant and she's put, "How do I get over the fear of making that first video on social media?" Okay, great question. Right? The first thing that I need to say is it doesn't matter that you feel fear. I think everybody does. So don't be concerned or put off by the fact that you're scared. I still get scared every time I speak on stage. If I do a live, I get nervous. I think it's really natural to feel nervous about the fact that you're going to be putting yourself out there. So from the nerves point of view, there's a couple of things I want you to think about.

Speaker 1: (10:06)

First off, you're obviously going to be doing a video for your audience and you're virtual assistant so you might be, let's say you're going to be doing a video around how to organise yourself or how to manage something or whatever. You're going to be doing it to add value. So the first thing you've got to think is someone could be out there needing this right now and you're not giving it them because you're scared. And like I said, I totally get it, but this is how I try and think about it. By me not putting myself out there, I'm not helping someone and by me not helping someone, they're not being as successful as they could be and therefore I try and imagine I'm being selfish by not putting myself out there. So that's my first thing I would say is that honestly it is a little bit scary and I get it. Totally get it.


So the second thing then in terms of actually practically doing it, there's a couple of suggestions I've got for you. First off, you can do a private live video to either a personal or a group. So you could go live and just send it to someone just for a practise run. Or if you have a group that you're in or you're part of them, some sort of group for something you could ask if you could do a quick live test in there just so that you're not doing it out in the public just so that you're not feeling like you've put yourself out there immediately and you're going to mess it up. The other thing I would suggest is when you go live for the first time or when you do your first video, be totally honest and say, this is the first time I'm doing this. It's a little bit out of my comfort zone. I feel a little bit nervous, but we're going to go with it and see how it goes. I'm, you know, I want to come on to do this. This is why I'm here, so I'm really hoping you're going to find it helpful. Honestly, that's how I would start. Also, imagine you're talking to someone that you know or that it's someone that really needs your help on the other end. That helps me as well. I never read from anything, so if I do any talks, if I do presentations, like I said, I've just done my masterclasses today and I don't read and a thing, I have a very rough guide or idea of what I'm going to say. I might have some bullet points to the side of me if I'm going live or doing a video, but I certainly don't have things verbatim because I promise you I would try and read it and it would be the most unnatural thing in the world.

Speaker 1: (12:27)

It's the same with the podcast. I know roughly where I'm going with my conversation, but it's honestly the words just falling out of my mouth as I'm doing it, so it's totally, totally natural and you know what? For me, and I don't know the all my audience think this about my the way I am, but for me I really much prefer that I like someone to be human and it puts everybody else at ease because I don't know about you. If you've ever watched a video and they're so slick and so good it I almost don't relate to it as well. Whereas when I feel like they are human then it makes me feel so much better. So first things first, don't be beating yourself up that you're fearful of doing that first video. Everybody's going to. Secondly, try and practise or do a video in a safe situational place where you know you can have a practise. And thirdly, when you do do your video, say, okay, this is my first, this is a test. I've not done it before but we're going to see how it goes. Be really...




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