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Ep 118 Liz Trotter
Episode 6910th October 2022 • Fight Club 4 Business • Tay, Meaghan, Michelle & Martha
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Liz Trotter currently owns and operates Cleaning Profit Builders. She has owned American Maid Service in Olympia, WA since 1993 and currently operates as an absentee owner.

Liz is also a partner in Castle Keepers - Atlanta. Along with her husband Tim, Liz is a real estate investor and developer who currently owns 120+ rentals. As a Certified High-Performance Coach (CHPC), Liz uses her certification along with extensive DISC training and 3 decades of experience in the cleaning industry to help people at all levels “get out of their own way."

Liz’ current passion is using her proprietary system within the Strategic Success Circles to help smart business owners use their current knowledge and drive to get out of the Daily Whirlwind. Knowing what to do is a small part of the equation for strategically achieving goals of importance!

Time Stamps:

📌[8:32]Who are you? What do you want to be? Here are a bunch of resources...

📌[8:44]Pay attention to this, don't do this, do this....

📌[9:07]Marketing Advice - start in one place, with one thing, then go from there...

📌[11:32]Liz's favorite marketing hacks.... Hire other smart people

📌[16:42]Liz is bringing a bringing a goal setting workshop to California!

📌[20:09]Goal setting for 2023 NOW

📌[21:49]Eliminate the HOWS and start with the WHYS

📌[22:02]The sooner you start guessing, the better you'll get at guessing

📌[22:47]Start with the family budget

📌[23:29]Then add the cushion that you can only touch quarterly

📌[24:16]Goal setting is a best guess. Planning into the future you get to dream.

📌[25:11]And the more you practice best guessing, the better you get at it.

📌[30:14]Set your numbers and manipulate as things change.

📌[30:42]The win is the process.


📌[33:28]From 0 to 40 properties in 1 year...

📌[35:35]Transition of Real Estate to trades businesses.... Electrical, Plumbing, Construction & Flooring companies...

📌[37:14]How does Liz juggle it all?

📌[38:21]She has a GM at the cleaning company. Her husband is the project manager and they have property management company. All working from the same office.

📌[39:02]Her baby is Cleaning Profit Builders 

📌[40:12]"Of course I have favorite employees...." 

📌[41:06]How to show your admins appreciation?

📌[42:08]If you're hiring good people and they keep turning over... It's you! Liz prefers when it's you because it's easier to fix!

📌[42:39]Are you ready to give over the job?

📌[43:03]People need to feel like they matter. That there's meaning.

📌[47:05]They hate hearing "good job"

📌[47:19]They want to be asked their opinion and feel heard

📌[47:48]They want to specific examples of what you noticed them doing a good job

📌[47:56]But what can I do?! 

📌[49:23]What's important about their life? What do they care about?

📌[49:46]It's just pausing and being intentional...

📌[50:29]Your words matter...

📌[50:37]Be intentional...

📌[56:07]Marketing Homework: Make a vision board for your company - what is your brand? what do you represent? who are you?

📌[57:18]Finance Homework: Start your goal setting for 2023. Forget the how. Focus on the why?


📌[58:40]Systems Homework: Are you systematically engaging your team?

📌[59:08]People Homework: Cut the fluff out of your language for your team. Be specific!

📌[59:40]Do a self-assessment related to Matter, Meaning, Measure & Autonomy?


Quote of the Week

“A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.”

- John Wooden

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