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Feeling the Value of Equity with Rob Curcio from TouchBistro
Episode 37th April 2021 • Thriving Globally with Equity • Shareworks / StudioPod Media / Campfire Labs
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From Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, this is Thriving Globally with Equity: A podcast following companies as they break into global markets.

On today’s episode we talk to Rob Curcio, Senior Director of Finance at TouchBistro. Rob tells us all about his journey from accounting school to TouchBistro and how he changed the financial game in Canada’s booming tech hub. He also shares some of his expert advice about expanding a company to new markets and getting employees to know everything about equity. Tune in to learn the details of this company’s story building Silicon Valley’s competition north of the border. 

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(00:38) - Rob’s journey finding tech - “I had a wealth of experience in different industries, including mining and entertainment, eventually switching over to the private sector and ultimately the startup in the tech space.”

(03:04) - Arriving at TouchBistro and changing the game  - “I've been able to really easily transform the finance function, building out a formal financial reporting function. And then a little bit of an unorthodox twist.”

(06:13) - Partnering with locals in new markets - “It's helpful having the expert who's domestic to be able to really build out a plan. Some companies don't have that ability to start with that.”

(09:19) - A new hub north of the border? - “I think Toronto has become the new hub. I know the Canadian folks are happy to say that Americans see the bit of competition.”

(10:40) - TouchBistro’s sudden spike in equity interest - “Stock options are a great way to align personal behavior, intent, and work effort to the greater goal of making the company successful.” 


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Check out TouchBistro’s website to know more about their services. 

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Thriving Globally with Equity is a production from Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, written by David Vallance from Campfire Labs, narrated by Mercy Lee Bell, with additional production and editing by StudioPod Media.