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Dr. PAX and the Good Behavior Game – Makes Perfect Prevention Sense!
Episode 218th May 2020 • The Optimistic Advocate • Scott Bryant-Comstock
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Dennis D. Embry, Ph.D. is the CEO, Founder, and senior scientist at PAXIS Institute in Tucson Arizona and a co-investigator at Johns Hopkins Center for Prevention as well as co-investigator with the Promise Neighborhood Research Consortium, the University of Manitoba, University of South Carolina - Overseeing 50 major prevention projects in the US and Canada.

Dr. Embry has personally created multiple interventions using both cultural wisdom and leading edge science to prevent multiple problems including ATOD. He has engaged in work with First People in New Zealand, the United States and Canada. He uses cultural wisdom and anthropology to inform choices of scientific strategies to better the lives of children, adolescents, families, and groups. His projects focus on simple strategies that lead to big changes. Growing up in considerable adversity and deemed “educable mentally retarded”, he uses his experiences to inform his work and tell the story of possibility for prevention for all. 

In this episode, we discover more of the PAX good behavior game and the Paxis Institute. The story where it all began and why Dr. Embry started the initiative. Not to mention how we can effectively reach young children and their families through the PAXIS good behavior game.

What You'll Learn

What is PAXIS, and what they do?

Learn more about the ways PAX Science is implemented in communities. 

The resources available to individuals, families, organizations, and communities who are interested to access their products and services.

And much more!

Favorite Quote

“People have no idea that childhood psychiatric disorders can be prevented for the lifetime but we have now a whole bunch of randomised trials showing that it's true.” - Dr. Dennis Embry 

For More Information: 

Dr. Dennis Embry

CEO and Founder

PAXIS Institute

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