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Don’t Wait to Dream, Build & Live a Life You Love with Life Coach Penny Casselman
Episode 2723rd February 2021 • ALSO in PINK with Alexandria Lawrence • Alexandria Lawrence
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Be kind and sparkle! ✨ Breast cancer survivor & life coach Penny Casselman has a spark all her own. We talk life, boobs, craft cocktails and how to best support loved ones going through a personal trauma. A heartwarming episode with lots of laughs. 💗

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Offering Support

It can be tricky to navigate how to help a loved one who’s going through a personal trauma. Here are some tips from breast cancer survivor Penny Casselman:

  • Stay in Touch. It could be as simple as letting someone know you’re thinking about them: a text, an email.
  • Give without Expectation. Your loved one would LOVE to hear from you. But it’s important to leave the expectations for response.
  • Ask for Help. When you’re going through hard times, your loved ones want to be there for you. But they don’t always know how to offer their support. So, tell them what you need. It helps them and it helps you.

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