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Brandon Perna, "That's Good Sports": The Daily Show meets Sports Center
Episode 67th June 2022 • Monetize Media • CBWG Media Group LLC
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On today’s episode we speak with Brandon Perna, founder of That's Good Sports, a hilarious YouTube sports show. 

Brandon is a success story in taking a niche local audience, Denver Broncos football fans, and scaling it to a national following of 288 thousand people on YouTube. He relies mostly on Google Ads, but has spun off an ancillary products business to diversity revenue, and takes direct sponsorships.

His website sells opportunistic t-shirts and he even has a white label coffee brand (which by the way is really good). He also has a partnership with Manscaped. 

Listen now as Brandon walks us through his creative process of building the daily show for football, the unending doubt of having a content based business, and the volume of work required to sustain creativity by providing a  unique take on a crowded content market that is sports. On to the interview. 

  • (0:06) Episode introduction with Kyle and Jason.  
  • (1:09) Introduction and origin story of Brandon Perna and That’s Good Sports. 
  • (6:10) How Brandon explains what he does to people.  
  • (7:30) How Brandon grew his audience and brand in a crowded space, and how he stands out with his video style and branding.   
  • (14:01 ) The point that Brandon knew he could scale his business from a local audience to a national scale.  
  • (19:08) Balancing the content creation side with the business side, and balancing work and life. 
  • (28:11) The multiple revenue streams that Brandon has in addition to YouTube revenue, and the percentages that they contribute.   
  • (35:48) How the spread of sports betting has influenced Brandon’s business.    
  • (37:04) What Brandon values and enjoys about his business, and the possibility of selling his YouTube channel. 
  • (39:44) The risks of being a content creator and protecting against them.  
  • (41:25) Things that Brandon would have changed or done differently  when starting. 
  • (44:48) Dealing with fleeting content in the sports niche.  
  • (47:41) What is one tool, product, or service that Brandon needs for his day to day operations.     
  • (48:02) A time when Brandon had a moment of doubt about his path.
  • (50:39) Whether there is a specific highpoint that stands out.
  • (51:57) Where you can find Brandon and That's Good Sports online. 
  • (52:38) Closing thoughts and takeaways with Kyle and Jason.

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