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From The Outside In - Debbie Penzone EPISODE 9, 20th April 2020
9. #ShowYourRoots
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9. #ShowYourRoots

Over the last few weeks, we have been missing all of your smiling faces and beautiful hair just as much as you’ve been missing your self-care and community hangouts. Our mission is true authentic beauty, and we try to lead and guide with integrity. So, today, we’re sharing at-home tips and tricks for your hair, skin, and nails from three PENZONE artists: Kyong and Sophia from PENZONE Dublin and Zeta from PENZONE Polaris.

We’re also joined by past guest Jena Huffman, Director of Marketing + Communications, who will share our quarantine initiative: #showyourroots. 

You are beautiful, and we want to empower you to see yourself + love yourself just the way you are!

To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit: penzonesalons.com/truebeauty


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