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Judy Weber: Build Your Business Unapologetically
Episode 5328th May 2024 • The Millionaire Maker Show • Lindsey Anderson
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Today we’re diving into the latest marketing and sales strategies to help you scale your online business. I’m thrilled to have a special guest with us, Judy Weber. Judy is on a mission to normalize miraculous results for Christian women in business. She has a unique background, having worked in the corporate space, won trials as an attorney, and led in the boardroom as a C-suite executive.

Guest Introduction: Judy Weber

Let me introduce Judy Weber, Esq. She’s a Business Coach & Mentor, specifically for Christian women. Judy is a scaling strategist with tons of experience winning trials as an attorney and leading in the boardroom. She’s all about helping Christian women build lucrative businesses with simplicity and joy.

Build Your Business Unapologetically - Key Takeaways

Here are some key takeaways from my conversation with Judy:

  • Boldness and assertion are crucial for starting and growing your business.
  • The Faith Field Thought Model helps women control their thoughts and beliefs about themselves and their businesses.
  • The importance of visibility and doing something uncomfortable every day to grow your business.
  • Daily activities should focus on direct outreach and building an email list rather than perfecting non-essential tasks like websites.

Mindset and Belief

Success is really about who you believe yourself to be, not who others see you as. Approach challenges with a positive perspective and embrace your mission and desire for success.

Strategic Thinking

Judy talks about learning to think strategically, like a lawyer. It’s all about making decisions confidently and quickly, avoiding overconsumption of information, and trusting your expertise.

Intuition vs. Ego

We discussed the difference between ego and intuition. Ego is self-centered, but intuition focuses on serving others. Move forward despite fear and trust your gut.

Decision Making

Decision-making is a fundamental CEO skill. Make decisions fast but with careful consideration. Trust yourself and your ability to execute.

Practical Steps for Business Growth

Judy shared practical steps for business growth:

  • Focus on creating an irresistible high-ticket offer.
  • Use joy-infused marketing with one visibility strategy.
  • Ethical selling becomes easier with effective marketing.

Key Quotes

  • "We really need to get out of our own way and stop worrying about being judged by others."
  • "Every day you should do something scary, every day you should do something that's uncomfortable."
  • "Success comes as a result of who you believe yourself to be."
  • "Decision-making is the most fundamental CEO skill."
  • "Your business is a true reflection of how you feel about yourself and how you treat yourself."
  • "The only way to win is to think strategically."

Resources Mentioned


Judy’s insights on mindset, strategic thinking, and decision-making are invaluable for scaling your online business. Embrace your purpose and talents to achieve miraculous results. Implement these practical steps to simplify and enjoy your business growth journey.



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