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Bonus Episode: A Report from Ukrainian Anarchists
Bonus Episode15th March 2022 • Everyday Anarchism • Graham Culbertson
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In this emergency Ukrainian war episode, I'm joined by Stan, the coeditor of the website for Assembly, an anarchist group in Ukraine. Assembly's  main role, as he explains in our talk, is organization and mutual aid in neighborhoods of Kharkov. In our conversation, Stan and I talk about the situation in Kharkov, the role of anarchism at this time of crisis, and what you can do to help. Below you can find a variety of links shared by Stan about the situation and how you can help. Below that is a transcript of my conversation with Stan.For more information about the current situation in Ukraine and to get more detail on how you can help, check out these links:

More from Assembly, Stan's organization:

Stan's comrades Black Flag (including donation information):

Profile of Yulia Koval, who was killed while transporting Kharkov residents to safety:

To give to Solidarity Initiative, an effort helping refugees, deserters, and pacifists:

Updates on radical resistance to the invasion in Russia:

To read about the 1920 founding of the Anarchist Black Cross (which originated in Kharkov!):

For a transcript of this episode, and many more links, view this episode at my website here:




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