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Show Me the Sales! Tips for Getting Potential Clients to Pull the Trigger.
8th April 2023 • Pat Miller Show® Podcast • Pat Miller
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Your business seems to have everything in place to be successful - You are getting traffic to your website and networking to meet the right people, but when it comes to sales, all you hear is crickets. The reason? People just aren't sold!

They might be interested in the outcome but they're just not sure YOU will be the one to make it happen. So how do you build the trust needed to convert? Today I'm sharing my tips for getting potential clients to finally pull the trigger.

Also on this episode:

  • Goals / Change / Habits - Why is change so hard? Michael Rampolla, Strategist and Coach from Spearity is breaking down the "whys" and replacing them with tips to make the goals and habits you want to change so much easier!
  • Events / Business Growth / Sales - Great events reap great rewards for your business. I'm talking with Alexis Caldicott, owner of the A-Team Event Company about how to fill an event with people who want to buy your program. Let's build events that turn into sales!
  • An Interview with Chat GPT - For the first time EVER, at least on my show, I'm interviewing a robot! For my interview with Chat GTP 4.0 I asked the questions we all want to know as small business owners. The answers just might BLOW. YOUR. MIND!

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