How to Copywrite Like a Pro with Kameron Snow
Episode 8612th May 2020 • Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader • Kelly Baader
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#86: Today, I am interviewing Kameron Snow -  How to communicate your story to create genuine connections with your prospective clients! We chatted about how he worked as a political operative and switched paths to work as a copywriter which led him on a journey of ups and downs as he navigated the transition and helps others to connect with their target audiences and fulfil their calling!


Key Lessons From This Episode on How You Can Copywrite Like a Pro:

  • Why brokenness is the shortcut to success
  • How to share your own story in the right context for your audience
  • The P.A.Y.S. methods for your About Page, so that you can attract and connect with the right audience
  • What the common mistakes in Copywriting are and how to avoid them
  • Why Copywriting is all about connecting to your audience and being vulnerable


About Kameron: 

Kameron, aka Kam, has spent 6 years as a political operative in California...until he discovered that he had an unusual talent for being able to sound like anyone he wanted to in his writing.

He then fell into Internet marketing as the copywriter for Scott Oldford, and over 3 years, helped Scott drive nearly $10 million in revenue (while writing for other top digital influencers such as Sunny Lenarduzzi, BossBabe and ClickFunnels).

Now, Kam helps copywriters and 6-figure entrepreneurs master copywriting to transform their subscriber lists into money making machines. He also helps 7-figure entrepreneurs duplicate themselves with a copywriter who’s trained to sound just like that they can multiply revenue and impact. 


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