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Ep. 90: MJx Music & Justwavyj – Chasing Every Single Dream Until the Day We Get it Done
Episode 903rd May 2017 • Chasing Dreams with Aimee J. • Aimee J.
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I’m talking today to MJ and Josh of MJx Music and Justwavyj. They are friends who met in their freshman year of high school and then went on to the same college, both studying computer information systems. MJ and Josh went on to work at one of the top consulting companies in the world, but success felt “average.” They decided to live a life chasing their dreams every day, as they fuel their passions for music and video. Join us for their inspirational story!

TWEET: “Chasing #Dreams that fuel #passions for #music - that’s today’s topic with MJ and Josh. “

Trying to get out of the 9-5 life:

So, how do they make it work? How do you make the decision to really chase your dreams? MJ and Josh share about their weekly process leading up to their “Sunday sessions” in releasing new music. They’ve gotten positive feedback and say that true success is impacting just one person each week with their music. 

TWEET: “We feel #successful if we #impact ONE person each week with our #music.” #MJxMusic


The word balance sounds so easy and relaxed, doesn’t it? Balance is full of work, commitment, and choices. It’s giving 100% to work when it’s time to work, and giving 100% to music when it’s time for that. MJ and Josh explain the sacrifices they have made to follow their dreams with their music, and what they wear as daily reminders of the need for balance.

TWEET: “The by-product of an ugly process can be #inspirational.” #Justwavyj

It’s all about how you spend your time:

What could you do with just a few hours each day? MJ and Josh figured that just four hours each day totals 1460 hours/year. That’s about 60 workdays in all. What could you accomplish as a side hustle in that time frame? MJ and Josh give their opinion about time allotment and commitment. We all HAVE the time to commit to something!

TWEET: “What if you took your work #energy and put it into your #passion?”

Guest Recommendation: Action steps for dream chasers to take: Josh says that you need to find one person for accountability and support, because it makes all the difference. MJ says to start doing it now, and have patience. 


  • [1:35] The reason for their We’re Dreaming song and how it came to be
  • [5:25] Writing lyrics/planning the videography
  • [7:50) The conversation that led to their “dream-chasing,” and the JMU video
  • [13:21] The ramifications of working “on the side”
  • [15:30] Balance and equaling each other out
  • [17:25] How to keep your personal life from suffering
  • [19:45] Responsibilities
  • [22:40] What can YOU do with a side hustle?
  • [24:50] The significance of the trinity of social media: Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram AND their crazy commitment to their followers
  • [29:05] Learning on the fly and plans for the future
  • [33:05] Action for a dream chaser to take


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TWEET: “What could you accomplish in just four hours a day with a #sidehustle?”