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Dubsado vs. HoneyBook: Set Up Your Dream CRM with Jenn Bays
Episode 2222nd March 2022 • The Dreamer's Manual • Julie Calcote
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I’m thrilled to introduce you to my friend Jenn Bays. Jenn has the breakdown on how to choose the best CRM for you, set your system up for success (without losing your mind), and how to hire a CRM set up with the right service provider - when you don’t have the bandwidth to do it yourself.

Today we deep dive and compare two popular CRMs head-to-head: Dubsado and Honeybook. Jenn tells you how to know which one is right for you based on your unique business needs - and what she shares might be a surprise!

Jenn is the owner and visionary of Success Beyond the Lens, a business management and marketing company for photographers. After spending years in the online space and realizing that her favorite clients, the ones she could help the most, were photographers who create BOMB photos but are drowning in their business. 

Now SBTL has grown into a full-service operations and marketing team ready to take your business to the next level while taking more and more off your plate!

If you know you need support - like yesterday - you can download your free Dream Team Starter Kit at You’ll not only get access to the kit but also receive the most up-to-date emails and learn about all the other crazy fun things we're doing in the business like our April 2022 Audio Summit!

 Highlights from this Episode

How Jenn got her start as an online service provider, and the steps she took to get where she is today-  from launching a business while on maternity leave to niching down to her photography clients,  to launching a successful agency

The differences between two widely popular CRMs ( HoneyBook and Dubsado) and insights about why business owners might prefer the features of one over the other.

Jenn breaks down the competitive pricing plans for both CRMs, and the time-commitment clients could be looking at for systems setup based on individual needs and workflows.

Guidance on how to start planning for what you want your CRM to do when you are in the beginning stages of setting up your automated systems.

How to know if you’re ready to hire out the right person to do your systems set up, and what steps you should take to get it launched well for your business and the clients you are serving

Her Success Behind the Lens podcast offers tons of value to connect with and serve all kinds of business owners. See the link below to a favorite episode.

She introduces the amazing strategy sessions she offers as a service to business owners not necessarily in the photography space.






Link to her Success Beyond the Lens podcast episode mentioned during our conversation: How to plan your CRM set up

For more information on Dubsado.

For more information on Honeybook.