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Purpose-Driven Success with Jordan Ostroff
Episode 5127th March 2024 • Performance Mindset • Amy Calandrino
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On today’s episode of the Performance Mindset podcast, Amy welcomes attorney Jordan Ostroff to the show. Jordan is a visionary entrepreneur and managing partner of Driven Law. He also coaches fellow lawyers, helping them run more efficient practices. Jordan is a committed board member of Big Brothers and Big Sisters. At Driven Law, Jordan and his team focus on personal injury cases, providing high-quality legal services with a unique blend of compassion and technological innovation.

Having faced several challenges in his career, including overcoming substantial debt, Jordan transformed these experiences into opportunities to assist others in the legal field. Today, he balances a successful career while maintaining a fulfilling personal life.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Jordan’s path to becoming an entrepreneur from a prosecuting attorney to opening his own law office.
  2. The challenges he faced following law school, starting his practice, and the $200,000 in debt he had to conquer.
  3. How Jordan’s current business partner helped him discover what marketing could do for his business and help him focus on the cases he wanted.
  4. The importance of focus and why it takes intentionality to reach it.
  5. His amazing work-life balance, the role his dedicated assistant plays in that, and his implementation of the right tools to stay organized.
  6. Jordan’s coaching program and the catalyst for starting it.
  7. His involvement with Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the difference one connection can make.
  8. Jordan Ostroff’s advice for budding entrepreneurs, making mentors part of your journey, and knowing when to say no.
  9. The personal philosophy he uses to guide his personal and professional lives.
  10. Investing in others and the returns that come with that.
  11. Understanding what “enough” looks like for you.
  12. Using delegation to achieve “enough.”

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