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Victor ‘Marka27’ Quiñonez: How the Street Artist Controls His Creative Narrative
Episode 19218th October 2022 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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Victor "Marka27" Quiñonez is a phenomenal street artist working at the intersection of graffiti, contemporary art, and design. Blending elements of pop culture with Mexican and Indigenous aesthetics—a style he calls “Neo-Indigenous”—Marka27 creates vinyl toys, large-scale murals, and private commissions for major brands. His award-winning creative agency, Street Theory, activates communities and global brands through experiential marketing, bringing the vibrancy of art and street culture into all aspects of life and work. 

On today’s podcast episode, host Scott “Sourdough” Power chats with Marka27 about the power of controlling his creative narrative. “Imagine if the media pushed narratives that were uplifting, that were inspiring, that showed our people thriving,” the artist muses. “It would make somebody in a bad situation see themselves [differently].”

Scott and Marka27 also discuss the importance of family and faith, the tenuous balance between personal creative expression and paid work, and the artist’s dedication to the mentorship and support of formerly incarcerated creatives. Marka27 emphasizes his commitment to creating work that preserves culture and highlights the value of collaboration, advocacy, and upliftment, all of which form an intrinsic part of his practice. We also discuss the sometimes unsettling experience of belonging to more than one culture and how Marka27 authentically bridges these two worlds with his incredible work. 

Ultimately, Marka27 refuses to let labels or titles define him. He believes artists have the power to control their own narratives, create with passion and purpose, and stay true to the causes they believe in. For more words of wisdom, as well as some actionable advice that you can implement in your own artistic practice, tune into our insightful conversation with Victor “Marka27” Quiñonez!

In Today’s Episode

Marka27 discusses… 

  • How he took his practice from passion to full-time profession
  • Important lessons learned from working with brands in corporate America
  • How to maintain your artist’s DNA, even when working with big brands
  • Why he believes process is everything; there’s no “right”’ way to create
  • Building partnerships that focus on complementary strengths and a common vision
  • How to positively impact struggling communities with uplifting narratives 
  • The importance of celebrating the work of BIPOC artists and activists
  • His involvement with Right of Return, an organization that supports formerly incarcerated artists with mentorship and funding
  • The root cause of many of mankind’s problems: division

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