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How to Land More Clients with Your Proposals and Launch a Spin Off Product in A Very Competitive Market with Ruben Gamez | Podcast #20
Episode 2030th June 2020 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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Ruben Gamez is a specialist in Bootstrapping, marketing, User Experience, and software development, he is the founder of Bidsketch, a professional web app focused on designing, tracking, and customizing proposals in no time.

In the past, Ruben owned 9thSign, a small business specialized in web development and consulting, after that Ruben worked In Oasis Outsourcing as a Web development Manager, the largest privately-held PEO at the time, then Ruben decided to quit his job and founded Bidsketch where he’s been growing and improving since 2009.

During this interview we cover:

  • Shifting from part-time gig to running a full time startup

  • Clearly identifying your startup idea & problem you're solving

  • VC vs. Bootstrapping your company

  • Growth Strategies that worked well for Bidsketch

  • Failures & how to use them as experience

  • Key differences when comparing winning or losing business proposals

  • Conceiving other ideas to integrate with your StartUp (Docsketch)

  • Proposals for closing SMB’s vs. Enterprise leads

  • Trends in e-Signature Market during COVID-19

  • Making Docsketch Competitive

  • Considering Merger or Acquisition as a way to grow

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