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Taming the Green Eyed Monster & Colouring Outside the Lines
Episode 2711th January 2023 • Breaking Free Authentically: The Sex Positive Relationship Podcast • Karine Bedard
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Episode27: Taming the Green Eyed Monster & Colouring Outside the Lines


Today my special guest is Dr. Joli Hamilton.

Dr. Joli Hamilton is the relationship coach for couples who color outside the lines. She is a research psychologist, TEDx speaker, best-selling author, and AASECT (pronounced ay-sect) certified sex educator. Joli also co-hosts the Playing with Fire podcast with her anchor partner, Ken. Joli’s been featured in The New York Times, Vogue, NPR, and The Atlantic. She’s spent the past two decades studying and reimagining what love can be if we open our imaginations to possibility. Joli helps people create non-monogamous partnerships that are custom-built for their authentic selves, no more shrinking, pretending, or hiding required.

Did you know there are different flavours of jealousy? Maybe you get angry, maybe you withdraw, maybe you get sad. It's important to know your style. It can help you recognize when you are feeling emotions of jealousy. Find out some important research about how jealousy shows up for people in different ways.

We also learn that jealousy is a triangle unlike envy which is a diad. They are not the same. Often we think they are the same but jealousy has a perceived disrupter to the relationship. We often get fearful and project our fear unto someone outside of our relationship.

Sometimes we even experience grief over something that hasn't happened. It's called anticipatory grief. There are just so many levels.

Sometimes relationships are not black or white. They can be colourful and full of nuance. I love that Dr. Joli helps people colour outside the lines. Not all relationships look the same and sometimes they can be messy and creative.

As a relationship Designer, I want you to understand that you have been programmed a certain way about what is write and wrong in relationship and about sexuality. We don't have to live by the brainwashing if we don't want to. There are so many choices.

Go live authentically and colour outside the lines if you choose!

Love, Karine

If you would like to get in contact with Dr. Joli, you can use the links below:

Dr. Joli's Facebook page

@drjoli_hamilton on Instagram

Dr. Joli's Website

Dr. Joli on YouTube

Dr. Joli Hamilton on LinkedIn

Are you tired of colouring in the lines and conformining to society's standards? Maybe it's time to work with me or even Dr. Joli Hamilton.

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