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183. Beat Society's Timeline + Create Your Own Story with Adhrucia Apana
Episode 18314th September 2021 • the bossbabe podcast • bossbabe
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  • What it takes to forge unique career path 
  • Why Adhrucia Apana’s life-changing health diagnosis shifted her trajectory 
  • How to reframe your failures as gifts 
  • The difference between chasing timelines vs. creating your own
  • The real, behind the scenes of building Curiosity Entertainment 

Adhrucia Apana is not chasing timelines or trapped by “what if” scenarios. She’s too busy creating impactful stories that will change the world.  

Getting there was no fairytale. Her 20’s were rocked by a diagnosis that forced her to become the protagonist of her own life and ditch societal expectations.  

Tune in to hear how her unique upbringing and shocking diagnosis actually paved the way for her own radical self-acceptance. Plus – she’s sharing why she believes media is the secret for epic transformation.