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Zach Hirsch | I PICK WINS Founder and Sports Predictive Analyst
Episode 1341st May 2020 • Rich Take On Sports • Richmond Weaver
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Show Notes:

  • Zach knew it was a big deal for the sports world when the NBA halted its season but never expected to be this severe
  • Believes that Michael Jordan is the GOAT and has enjoyed watching "The Last Dance" documentary with his dad
  • Has always had a photographic memory for things that he's passionate about and especially sports
  • Started making game predictions with his family and eventually won $500 when he was 13 for picking all 15 games correctly at a smoothie store with his dad
  • He always thought about going to college for sports journalism or sports management but didn't plan on getting a head start in business by picking games in high school
  • Zach was challenged to start his own business as a summer project and thus 'I PICK WINS' started and he founded the company in 2019 at the age of 17
  • Zach's dad owned the right to the URL
  • Receives a lot of negative comments when he does miss picks but he doesn't worry about the outside noise
  • He's never had a fear of public speaking and has been naturally confident even at an early age
  • Favorite teams are Dallas Cowboys, Miami Hurricanes, and Miami Heat and he can name the entire Cowboy's 53-man roster
  • Believes that we love sports because it's an escape from reality and allows us to feel good
  • Words of Wisdom from Zach Hirsch: "Let's Go Champ!"

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