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(EP. 60) FLOWpresso: Designed to relieve stress with Desiree De Spong
Episode 6011th May 2022 • FLOWE • Kelly Kennedy
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On this week episode of The Beats Podcast with Kelly Kennedy, we revisit an amazing recording with the amazing Lymph Goddess Desiree De Spong to discuss all things stress and the solution she has created to absolve our stress! Hint Hint! Our beloved FLOWpresso! Stress relief is not the only reason we love the FLOWpresso, but it definitely has a place in our modern day society.

Desiree De Spong is in her second decade of working in holistic medicine and education. Originally coming from a background in finance/training and IT, Desiree changed her direction in 1999 to broaden her knowledge, before settling into the area of lymphology. Completing her studies in Adult Teaching, Desiree developed classes in Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy and has been teaching in New Zealand, Australia and the United States since 2009. Desiree extended her role in the health field, and became involved in research and development. Desiree was awarded a research fellowship with Flinders University in Adelaide, and completed a trial alongside Professor Neil Pillar. The trial into the benefits of the mild frequency vibration that patients clinically diagnosed with arm lymphoedema, secondary to breast cancer surgery in November 2010. In 2018, Desiree also received a grant with ethics approval, to study the effects of vibrational technology on arthritis. Desiree is passionate about creating a partnership between holistic practices and traditional medical practices. Over the last two years Desiree became involved in the design and development of FLOWpresso, which has the capability to form this beneficial relationship.

Show Notes ||

0:00 | Introduction

4:28 | What is stress to Desiree?

9:55 | The stress we don't realize

12:10 | How do you help people acknowledge that they are stressed?

16:00 | Unlayering the levels of stress

16:55 | There's good and bad stress

18:25 | Awareness of your entire being

20:55 | Having a response versus a reaction

23:30 | The research Desiree found from stressful first responders

26:10 | The importance of connecting with self

31:00 | Being able to relax under stressful conditions and then appropriately respond

37:00 | Having a reference point of where you are at and where you want to go

39:20 | FLOWpresso allows a desired parasympathetic state

41:40 | What is constipation really?

42:10 | The relationship between parasympathetic and our lymphatic system

46:50 | What you think has as much power over your nervous system than what you do

52:40 | Change begins with lifestyle

53:25 | Being able to live fully in order to make a change

57:10 | What has Desiree found through the research about FLOWpresso

1:01:05 | FLOWpresso has the ability to comfort people in the position of loneliness

1:06:00 | Hug left to left!

1:09:10 | What is Desiree's Secret for the world?

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Resources Mentioned||

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Dr. Peter Martone & neck

The Beats Ep. 26 Breath & Water with Creator of Sound of Soul Rasmus Gaupp-Berghaussen

How to Break the Habits of Being You By Joe Dispenza


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