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Helping STEM Professionals Be Happy Featuring Gina Covarrubias
Episode 1148th October 2021 • GOING SOLO • David Shriner-Cahn
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Gina Covarrubias is the founder of Deliberate Doing, an exclusive STEM coaching service dedicated to teaching engineers and other technical professionals how to defeat career despair.

We discuss:

  • Engineers are famous for figuring things out [02:45]
  • How to get out of the corporate bubble [06:33]
  • How college teaches you to be an employee [11:10]
  • A great solution for STEM professionals who want more of their career [13:00]
  • Leaving versus staying in the engineering world [15:09]
  • The first step to making the external world as great as you want it to be [16:17]
  • What rocks the STEM world [18:42]
  • Happy people make happy employees [21:02]

Her distinctive background blends life coaching expertise with 12+ years engineering/technology experience in the government, academic, and corporate environments, all within the aerospace sector.

As an Engineering Life Coach, Gina's mission is simple: to help STEM professionals be happy.

Learn more about Gina at