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Elijah and the Sealing Keys: The Kirtland Temple Narrative Debunked
Episode 1422nd April 2024 • Mormon.ish • Rebecca Bibliotheca and Landon Brophy
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On this episode of Mormonish Podcast, Rebecca and Landon are joined by the wonderful Rob Lauer to discuss the narrative of Elijah, Elias, and Moses appearing to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery in the Kirtland temple.

With the LDS church taking ownership of the Kirtland temple recently, the missionary tour guides will be telling a very different narrative about the events that supposedly happened in the temple than the Community of Christ guides did.

The backdated and third party account of this heavenly visitation was changed into a first hand account which has become the official LDS narrative. The sealing keys are a foundational element of the LDS church's core doctrine. It's interesting to explore the origins of this story. It's not what you think!

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