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Breaking Down the Intake Process
Episode 127th April 2023 • Your Practice Mastered • Your Practice Mastered
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This is Your Practice Mastered Podcast! Today, our hosts Michael Patrick Strauch and Richard James break down the importance of fixing your intake process and how it can unlock a goldmine of opportunities for your firm.

Join MPS and Richard as they talk about the intake process and the benefits it unlocks for your firm once you have that intake process fixed.

If you’re a practitioner or a specialist then you have invested a ton of time & resources into becoming an exceptional professional in your field. BUT you may have invested very little into learning how to run a successful small business. Join MPS and Richard in this episode and you just might grow to become a better small business owner! 

Check out some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • MPS defines what “intake” is in your firm and the significance of fixing it.
  • The goldmine of opportunities you can unlock just by fixing your intake process.
  • The value of starting with the basics and keeping it simple.
  • The power of engagement and how it benefits your business. 


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Together, let’s explore strategies and guides to fill in the missing gaps of critical information so you too can become an expert small business owner just like you are an expert at your practice. 

Join MPS and Richard James next week and learn how to become a more successful and smarter small business owner so you can enjoy increased income, freedom, and more time to spend on those things that really matter in life.

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