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Pod 102: Chris Bowden on Working with Gerry Anderson
Episode 10225th May 2020 • The Gerry Anderson Podcast • Anderson Entertainment
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We're back with 90 minutes of Anderson goodness with part two of our interview with Chris Bowden including how he came to work with Gerry Anderson, and how it felt to work with the legendary creator.

1:00 Introductions and the usual warm up

2:30 FAB Facts - don't worry, we're back to normal!

8:10 Messages from the Podsterons including some Joe 90 theorising.

13:10 Gerry Anderson News including some exclusive insights from Space Precinct's Richard James. There's brand new Gerry Anderson stuff being made right now.

19:25 Please do leave us a rating, review, or revating. But here are some more Podsteron messages.

24:30 Chris Bowden part 2 including his story of working with Gerry Anderson

1:02:45 The intra-interview-Randomiser point

1:08:00 The Randomiser with Chris Dale

1:29:00 Wrapping things up for Pod 102!

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