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Episode 517th November 2020 • Unf*ck My Business • Unfuck My Business
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It is five o'clock somewhere, and that means this is our Happy Hour episode. During Happy Hour we answer business questions from our community. UFMB is areligious and apolitical, but other than that, y'all nothing is off-limits. Some of the questions are deeply silly, some are deeply emotional, and some are deeply polarizing. But if you ask it, we'll answer it.

Why do we do these happy hours? Because running a business is fucking hard. Why would you want to do that with people you don’t like and can’t have an unfiltered conversation with?! Surround yourself with people that know how to get shit done AND also know how to hang out and get silly.

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In this episode: Robyn Sayles, Chris 'Jinx' Jenkins, Chris Delaney, Danielle Laura, Victor Bolivar, Jenn Bolivar, Kathleen Seide


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