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Fear of Failure will Drown Your Business
Episode 21911th November 2022 • The Aaron LeBauer Show • Aaron LeBauer
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You have to lose your fear of failure. Failure’s part of the process!

People who never fail never try

You have to fail. You’ve got to get it wrong to get it right.

You learn nothing from winning.

You only learn from your failures. 

Today I attempted the Spirit World 100 I’ve been planning this trip and training since January.

We made the time cut (68 miles in 6:30) to do the 100 mile version. At mile 73 I hit the wall and turned around.

I had enough food and water. I rested, tried to continue but just didn’t have it. I came here to have fun. I still did. It was epic!

Most people would see that as failure. To me it’s just a learning process.

As I tell my Platinum Mastermind group “sometime you win and sometimes you…learn!”

There was a time when I would push my body past it’s limit. Not any more. I learned that a long time ago.

As my Kettlebell coach Brett Jones commented “You may not have been successful but you did not fail”

Today I learned that there’s always another day.

Maybe I’ll be back, maybe I won’t but I had a great time riding with my younger brother David @dlebauer who smoked me on the ride and finished all 100 miles. 

What have you learned about yourself lately?

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We talk about:

-racing bike and lessons in failure

-going into debt for the right reasons

-playing to win, not to avoid losing

-what winning means

-Spirit 100 Gravel Ride 


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2:00 bike racing and lessons from failure

9:50 doing something to win

14:30 Spirit World 100 bike race

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