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Road to Family Freedom - Neil and Brittany Henderson EPISODE 88, 25th January 2021
From 3 Single Family Homes to 1000 Multifamily Units with Justin Fraser
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From 3 Single Family Homes to 1000 Multifamily Units with Justin Fraser

Justin Fraser – Multifamily Asset Manager and Host of the True Multifamily Show, talks to Neil Henderson and Brittany Henderson, the hosts of The Road to Family Freedom podcast. Justin is an apartment syndicator, asset manager, and real estate investor, responsible for managing multiple apartments across the country.

A real estate investor since 2014 when he bought a single-family home as a rental property. For years Justin flipped houses and owned single-family rentals until May of 2018 when he formed 88 Real Estate Capital and closed on his first apartment syndication, raising over $600k for the deal.

By September 2018, Justin exited his corporate job as a Project Manager and jumped full time into real estate investing. He found some excellent partners and is an active member of 6 apartment complexes holding over 1000 units. Justin built an asset management business, responsible for running the business of these apartment complexes.

He is also the host of True Multifamily, a podcast about the business of apartment investing, showcasing the real work that happens after a deal closes. His goal is to share insights, tips, tricks, and best practices through storytelling by real asset managers and owners.

In this episode, we talk to Justin about the partners he had to bring on in order to close on his first large multifamily deal, the details of what’s involved with being an asset manager, why he likes it when a tenant skips out on rent, the key to gaining knowledge in almost every real estate strategy.

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