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You Are Enough
Episode 6514th December 2021 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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We’ve all experienced pain or trauma at some point in our lives, but sometimes this pain can stick with you way into adulthood. But that pain doesn’t have to damage you forever if you do the work to deal with it. You may not have always performed the best or won the thing, and you may not have been good enough, but Mark’s here to tell you that you ARE enough. You are ALWAYS enough.

In this episode, Mark shares his definition of an empowered man and shows you what it really takes to be one. Discover how Mark took the trauma and pain he experienced and absorbed it to become EMPOWERED AF, and how he can help you THRIVE in all five dimensions of your manhood. YOU can be empowered if you choose to. Will you choose to?

“Every man has a purpose, every man has a place, and every man can choose to be empowered if he so chooses.”

- Mark Santiago

In This Episode:

- Mark shares the story of how his father’s words damaged him, but how he learned not to allow them to damage him forever.

- Hear the reason you continue with toxic patterns and cycles in your life, and how to STOP them once and for all

- Learn some of the main character traits of an empowered man. Do you possess them?

- Discover how Mark learned to OWN his shit and communicate his feelings

- Uncover the effects that unresolved trauma can have upon the rest of your life and how it might still be showing up in your life in different ways

- The ONE question you need to ask yourself regarding your own trauma

- Hear the REAL story of why Mark started The Empowered Man and how his experiences as a child altered the entire trajectory of his life

- Why you need to think about YOUR actions and YOUR responsibility in a situation

And much more…


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