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Leading with Purpose: Rethinking Healthcare and Sustainability with Urvashi Bhatnagar
Episode 724th August 2023 • Mission Megaphone • Growth Network Podcasts
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In this insightful episode, we are joined by Urvashi Bhatnagar, a visionary leader at the crossroads of healthcare, sustainability, and innovation. With her extensive background in data science, consulting, and healthcare, sheds light on the powerful synergy between leadership, sustainability, and healthcare outcomes. As the co-author of "The Sustainability Scorecard," Urvashi shares her passion for creating positive change by aligning business goals with holistic wellness and environmental considerations.

🔶Main Themes Explored🔶

🔸 Visionary Leadership and Sustainability: Jenny and Urvashi explore the synergy between visionary leadership, sustainability, and healthcare outcomes. As an expert in data science and healthcare consulting, Urvashi discusses the importance of aligning business objectives with broader goals related to wellness and environmental impact.

🔸 Shifting Mindsets: Urvashi advocates for a shift in mindset, emphasizing the interconnectedness of personal health and wellness with business success. This change in perspective can lead to more impactful and holistic approaches to healthcare and business practices.

🔸 Empowering Consumer Voices: Urvashi discusses the power of individuals to demand sustainable solutions, especially within the healthcare sector. This theme underscores the importance of listening to consumer feedback and involving underserved populations in decision-making. Urvashi speaks of her excitement to see consumers becoming more advocative and refers to the movements as a true tap into leadership.

🔸 Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Urvashi encourages entrepreneurs and small businesses to seize the opportunity to create innovative solutions for healthcare challenges. The episode discusses the potential for agile and impactful solutions to emerge from smaller entities, leading to positive change in healthcare practices and outcomes.

📣 Tune into this episode now for a truly inspiring episode, with Jenny and Urvashi discussing how consumers can advocate for the changes and innovations they wish to see, and how it can be a form of empowering leadership. You'll gain insight into how leadership is not only about the titles you hold, but the values and practices you put into the world.

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