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Breakthroughs, breakups and breakdowns - your relationship with yourself and others
Episode 421st July 2021 • GET REAL with Dr Ronaye • Ronaye Calvert
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Dr Ronaye Calvert and Bindi Heit from LIVE Treatment Concierge Services discuss - 

  • Breakdowns - before we get up we have to fall down
  • Breakthroughs - to stretch and grow beyond what we know
  • Breakups - sometimes it isn't always a bad idea
  • Beginnings - when one door closes another opens
  • The universe really has your back
  • Healing is an eternal evolution

Songs - Break me, shake me by Savage Garden and Back in my body by Maggie Rogers

Listen via Spotify playlist - GET REAL with Dr Ronaye

Meditation - Let go of what you know

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