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Somatic therapy, Faith, and Recovery
9th August 2023 • MyoMinds Podcast • George Mycock
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Disclaimer: In this episode, we talk about different eating disorders thoughts and behaviours, depression, and other negative mental health experiences.

In this episode of the MyoMinds Podcast I speak to Lilia Bogoeva.

Lilia Bogoeva is a somatic practitioner, musician, and powerlifter who knows what it's like to give it your all for success, but to struggle with anorexia, bulimia, substance addiction, and depression. As a coach and professional speaker, Lilia helps young people with addictive tendencies to overcome damaging spirals and channel their natural intensity into passion and achievement.

Her signature "Inner Demon Crusher Cycle" is a combination of somatic (mind-body) healing, functional fitness, music therapy, and vocal training to help her clients tap into personal authenticity and align physical, mental, and spiritual health. She is also the singer-guitarist of metal band Karkaza, based out of Alabama, USA.

Her work draws from personal and professional experience in competitive gymnastics, dance, music, and entrepreneurship. Her mission is to take the negative stigma away from trauma healing and addictive personalities, and inspire people to channel their naturally intense drive into healthy and fulfilling pathways. She inspires everyone to master being themselves!

Listen to the full pod to hear us cover:

  • Lilia's experience with different mental health struggles
  • How faith and religion has help Lilia in recovery
  • How Lilia's coaching works
  • What 'trauma informed' means to Lilia

This week's Devils Advocate Question: "Athletes and performers need to be tough, they must push through adversity on a regular occurrence. Don’t you think focusing on their trauma will just lead to them feeling sorry for themselves?"

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Please remember that no episode of the MyoMinds Podcast can be used as a replacement for medical advice and/or care.