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Slow the F Down with Downplaying Your Trauma
Episode 617th August 2022 • 🐌 Slow the F Down Show 🐢 • CASEY HALL and ELIZABETH MENZEL, Slow the F down Show
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From the ongoing stress of the pandemic to the financial crisis, to political polarization - you might feel like your last nerve is getting worked, BUT you push your feelings aside to get on with your busy day! The problem is, pushing your feelings aside doesn’t make them magically disappear - they build up under your surface and negatively impact your thoughts, feelings, relationships, even your job. A build up of stressful feelings can become trauma - and if you’re a human alive in 2022, odds are you have trauma and don’t even know it.  So if you’re ready to stop saying, “I’m fine“ when you’re really not fine, we dedicate today’s show to you.

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