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DIJ S3 E10: Keeping our Values and the Lights On w Ginny McGinn
Episode 106th October 2023 • Dive-In-Justice • Shadiin Garcia & Delma Jackson
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Our hosts open up how much Shadiin REALLY appreciates Delma's presence in her life. From there, they discuss the nature of contemporary politics and the role of Trump in changing the political landscape so much that you start to miss Reagan and Bush. Shadiin talks about the way our various "hats" we wear impact how we choose to show up in various places. Are we being our authentic selves? CAN we be our authentic selves and still hold down a job?

DIJ then welcomes our guest, Ginny McGinn, the long-time director of Center for Whole Communities. Ginny discusses what it means to lead an agency through justice work while holding her own integrity while navigating sexism and white identity. She discuss the role of allyship in the face of these intersectional realities. She discusses the risks inherent in justice work and how she determines when to push while trying to meet people where they are.





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