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Quantum Living® - Anna Anderson EPISODE 49, 28th December 2020
Living From the Heart - Encore for 2021 | QL049
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Living From the Heart - Encore for 2021 | QL049

This is a revised version of one of the earliest episodes of this Podcast. It struck me how incredibly relevant it is for the New Year 2021 with its new energies opening up the heart chakra - and I was guided to offer it to you now.

What does it mean “To live from the heart” ? How can you open your heart – the true connection to your Higher Self?  What is self-love?  Tune in to experience emotions you may not have experienced before…

This episode includes an inspiring personal transformation story and a coaching mini on how to reduce stress and anxiety in just three minutes. You've guessed it – both involve accessing the wisdom of your heart! :-)

 Music: purple-planet.com; bensound.com