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✍🏽 THE exercise that changed EVERYTHING for me.
Episode 36931st October 2023 • The Confidence Chronicles • Erika Cramer
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📝 Get a pen and paper sis, today's episode is a mini masterclass!

I am sharing with you one of THE most transformative exercises I have ever done (and I now do with my private clients to support them to completely transform their lives).

After doing this exercise I realised how I was keeping myself stuck. In this episode I'll share the exact process you can follow if you want to:

🔥 Learn how to think better thoughts

🔥 Feel more aligned and on fire for your life

🔥 Stop feeling stuck in a rut

🔥 Start creating momentum to change the areas of your life that have been the hardest to shift

AND if you want to go deeper into these kind of exercises or learn more of the techniques I use to help my clients transform...


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