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Trailer27th September 2023 • Of Music and Men • Kayona Ebony Brown
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Of Music and Men is a scripted drama-comedy series presented to you in a weekly storytelling podcast format.

You thought it was a book, or a short film, or a TV show?

Well, all of that is true. Somewhat. Let me explain. Back in 2012, I set out to create a TV show about my life as a single young entrepreneur trying to establish an indie record company in Wash DC. I developed it, wrote the pilot, then made a short film...

The thing is, tv shows, even those no budget YouTube ones, still require lots of resources and people. I know exactly what I want the tv show to be, but I believe that timing is everything, and trying to move forward before it’s time would be a disservice to what I know will be a great series someday.

So I went another route. The pilot script was recognized in a few reputable industry contests, so knowing that it’s a more than solid story worth telling, I made a short film, then I turned that full season I wrote, 12 episodes of tv scripts, into novellas (little booklets).

This podcast is a production, a reading (sometimes dramatic or comedic), of those episodes, sectioned out into easily digestible weekly stories.

We follow a 20-something named Kenya Shaw as she works to build a record label while also (as a bachelorette) navigating perhaps the worst city in the country for single women (and not exactly the place you’d expect when it comes to entertainment) -- Washington, DC.

Tune in every single week for these stories of music… and men.

Music: "Keep on Going" X Khalil Ismail

Jazz Club by Kriss (Italy) - No.mad EP - copyright 2008 - Licensed by Undercut Records for official use to Of Music and Men

Trail by Nobara Hayakawa (Japan) - copyright 2009 - Licensed by Nobara and Intervall-Audio for official use to Of Music and Men