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Embracing BIM Throughout The Construction Industry
12th December 2022 • Digital Builder • Autodesk
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When working in the construction industry, it can be a tall task to keep every contractor, engineer, and project manager on the same page. With the help of Building Information Modeling (BIM), keeping everyone on the same page can go a long way to achieving that goal. But there’s much more to the technology that impacts both your field teams and those working from the office.

Kelli Lubeley, BIM Program Manager at Cupertino Electric, and Jeremy Thibodeau, Senior Manager of Customer Success at Autodesk, join the show to discuss how BIM implementation has developed over the years, how using the technology from start to finish in the construction industry is improving the overall process, ultimately reaching every aspect of how we build.

We discuss:

  • The applications of BIM for all types of stakeholders in their day-to-day jobs
  • Busting common BIM myths and misconceptions
  • The ideal state of BIM implementation vs. what’s actually happening today
  • Guidance for implementing BIM at your own company

Digital Builder is hosted by Eric Thomas of Autodesk.





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