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Become Inspired with Suvendu Tripathy, Author of "The Crepe Jasmines"
Episode 429th June 2021 • Once and Future Authors • Stephanie Larkin
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Suvendu Tripathy, Author of “The Crepe Jasmines,” joins us today as we delve into the life, dreams, and future, of Partha Sarathi Panda, a young man from India who's got the world ahead of him.

Suvendu writes about the complexities that Partha has to deal with, from starting off in a small rural town to then living in the city, finding his way through religion, economic status, society, and seeing where he fits in with it all. This novel focuses on the struggles of a family, intertwined with cultural issues, and is an inspiring story that everyone should read.

On this episode, we discuss his novel, how he found his story, brought it to life, how he weaved the story together with such captivating style, and what’s next! With 5 Star Reviews, readers rave about how fulfilling this beautiful story is and how it makes them reflect on their own lives.

When Suvendu isn’t writing, he works as a Data Scientist. Graduating with Physics honors and working on an MBA, he worked in Marketing Research and later moved to Data Science. He writes while working at home in Bangalore, but he grew up in Odisha, which is where his main character, Partha, grew up. Suvendu used his experience from growing up in a village to help make a very detailed novel with clear, yet elaborate characters.

Everyone should go pick up “The Crepe Jasmines” to be enlightened about Indian life and culture, to learn, and to grow themselves as they are inspired by the experiences throughout this novel! Find it on Amazon: